Horses for Sale!

The crew at PSIM works hard to clean up all of the adorable miniatures after long winters and muddy springs. The fuzzy coats grow long and thick. All the horses turn into fluff balls, and a long weekend of baths, clippings, and photos will commence! It may be a muddy mess for the help on the farm, and the yearlings will not yet be ready to be clipped as they tend to need further handling, but most of the horses for sale are always cleaned up and looking sharp.

Lovey, 2 yr old filly for sale.
Lovey, 2 yr old filly.

Feel free to contact us for information on the horses for sale. These horses are all so well mannered and will continue to be worked with until they are sold, so they will be in superb  condition. Every year we are happy to welcome the newborn foals to the group, so keep an eye out for them!

Jet and her bay colt, for sale together.
Jet and her bay colt, for sale together.

What a deal! Two of the foals that already came appear to be a beautiful bay color, and one is a taunt skinned red with gorgeous legs and unmatched speed. All three run the pastures to play in the sun and buck around their mothers. Just recently the mares and babies were moved back into the pasture with the rest of the mares. The stalls are cleared up and ready with heat lamps for newborns in the near future.cropped-cheese2.jpg

New Website!

Welcome! We are proud to invite you to enjoy the new website. Our goals for the future of PSIM are vastly adventurous and we hope you will experience the changes, growths, and improvements alongside us.
We have a freshly painted barn, and constantly improve the property for a cleaner look. New to our farm is a brand new hand-built chicken coupe, filled with noisy egg-laying friends, and a gorgeous bunny hut with multiple breeding rabbits. The guard dogs stand ready, overlooking the premise of the property with their keen eyes. Nothing to fear as Lucky, our older German Shepherd, will gladly greet you with a smile, some kisses, and a wagging tail. The mares mill through the back field, waiting for their babies to come, while the three new babies this year skip and play in the dirt. The geldings and younger horses are all having their winter coats clipped off so they can shine in the sun. Soon the yearlings will be socialized, bathed, and clipped for the first time! We will work with them in halter, and bring them on walks to relax their anxious nerves about new sights and sounds. With all this work and activity, we must thank the two volunteers on the farm who are working for school credit. They have been a huge help handling the miniatures, and prepping for show season! We will be attending shows in both July and August, with plenty of excited young ladies to display PSIM’s bloodlines in the show ring.
Take a peak through our photos albums, and beauties for sale! cropped-IMG_6408.jpg